Birding with the North Bucks RSPB

On Saturday I went with the North Bucks RSPB local group to Calvert Lake and Gallows Bridge in Buckinghamshire. You can find more information on the group here


As we were travelling to the sites we noticed the cold weather has increased the numbers of winter thrushes alongside the road with huge numbers of fieldfares seen feeding on berries, there was also a lovely red kite sat beside the road in a tree. Although I see these wonderful birds almost every day I never get tired of seeing them and it was nice to see one up close. We arrived at Calvert Lake, a lake owned my the local wildlife trust (, and could see and hear large numbers of fieldfare, they were very skittish but I managed to get some distant photos of them.


We then continued down the path to the hide, from here we could see cormorants, lesser black backed gull, herring gulls, common gulls and black headed gulls on the water.


We the continued along the path with bullfinches and green woodpeckers being seen by some members of the group. We then stopped to see a Greater black backed gull


Next we moved onto gallows bridge, also owned by BBOWT. This consists of a variety of different fields and habitats for a range of species. There were lapwings flying overhead along with buzzards and red kites.



From one of the hides we spotted 2 kestrels, a possible merlin, buzzards, fieldfare, goldfinches feeding on teasels, stock doves and a flock of linnet. A song thrush landed near the hide carrying a snail which it tried to crack open on a nearby rock.


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