Dinton Pastures

This afternoon I went to Dinton Pastures near Reading. This reserve has lots of lakes, a variety of different habitats and was very common with birdwatchers, dogwalkers and cyclists alike.

One of my favourite moments from this afternoon was seeing a pair of Great Crested Grebes doing their dance with weed, I thought it was one of those things that you only see on tv until I saw it in front of my eyes, will do a whole blog post on this dance soon. As always there were mute swans floating around with lots of Canada geese on all the lakes with a few Egyptian geese around the edges of the lakes. There were lots of cormorants on the islands drying their wings and flying over. There was also a single bittern that could be seen on the Levell’s lake from the large hide. I only saw one little egret on my visit (Lavell’s Lake) however got to see it hunting some small fish which was a lovely sight, likewise there was a grey heron that caught some fish. Duck wise there were many Wigeon, Gadwall, Teal, Shoveler, Mallard, Pochard, Tufted duck and Goldeneye (a first for me (Seen on Sandford)). I only saw one bird of prey on my visit, the red kite. There were numerous coots and moorhens as you would expect and some lovely lapwings, you cannot beat the pee-wit of a lapwing flying past and seeing their plumage in the full sun. There were no less than 7 snipes hiding in the reeds by the large hide on Levell’s Lake and feeding on the edge of the scrape. Gull wise herring gulls, common and black headed gulls were all seen. Pigeons and doves clattered around the undergrowth along with numerous robins, wrens, dunnocks, blue tits, great tits, goldfinches and blackbirds. A single male bullfinch was seen sat in a tree alongside Lavell’s. I saw two kingfishers in flight, calling as they went, one on Lavell’s lake and one on Sandford Lake.





Grey Heron


Little egret






Tufted duck


Grebe preparing to dance


Grebe courtship dance




Goldeneye with other ducks and some gulls


Black headed gull






A colourful lapwing






A lovely colourful lapwing



5 responses to “Dinton Pastures

  1. Some great shots there, Ryan, especially the bittern on Lavell’s. Well done. Did you count the female goldeneye too?

    Next up, you can put some of that student loan to good use by joining the Friends of Lavell’s Lake (http://www.foll.org.uk/), which permits you access to a private hide further down the river Loddon.

    Glad you made it to Dinton and I hope you’ll go again. And I hope my directions were okay!

  2. Hi Ryan,

    great blog, and thanks for following mine. No fog when you saw the Bittern at Lavell’s!

    We’ve probably seen some of the same individual birds, I saw the Egret there on Saturday. I haven’t had a go at displaying Great-crested Grebes, your pic of them was very good. Actually, that reminds me of something I wanted to put in a blog post …

    Cheers, Paul.

  3. ryanclarknaturephotography

    Thank you. I was very lucky with the Bittern. It was the first time I went there when I saw it. I’m going to try cycle up to Lavell’s once a week as it is a lovely place 🙂


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