Trip To Dorset

Last week I went on holiday to Dorset. This area is one that I have not explored since my interest in wildlife started so I knew there would be lots of opportunities for wildlife encounters.

We arrived at the house where we would be staying and this lovely dragonfly appeared  on the washing line, surely a omen of good things to come.




We were staying just down the road from the RSPB Arne reserve, this gave me an opportunity to see Sika deer close up, maybe too close.

Sika Deer




The site is also very good for raft spiders, we managed to find 12 of them in one pond!

Raft Spider


We also went to the Dorset Wildlife Trust reserve on Brownsea Island, this is somewhere I hadn’t explored before (a big mistake), the reserve was teeming with waders with hundreds of Black-tailed Godwits, Redshank, Greenshank, some Dunlin, Oystercatchers, a Common Sandpiper, shelduck and 3 Spoonbill. What an amazing array of birds in one place









Common Sandpiper




Of course Brownsea Island is also a important habitat for these charming Red Squirrels





We also went to Studland Bay, this site is great for reptiles, a huge thank to Steve Davis (@spuddrs) for inviing me to his reptile course where I learnt a lot about the native UK reptiles

Sand Lizard


Sand Lizard


Common Lizard


Common Lizard


It is also a good site for damselflies and dragonflies




It also has a variety of other insects there:


Wall Brown


Giant tachinid fly


Common Blue


Dorset also has some stunning scenery, I especially liked the colour of the heathlands









Here are some more photos from my trip:




On the last evening of the holiday I went on a boat trip with the Dorset Wildlife Trust where I saw my first Fulmar and Sandwich Tern and had a different view of the scenery



The evening ended by watching the Bornemouth firework display from the boat, a perfect end to the holiday





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