Southern Spain

As some of you many know I recently went to the South of Spain on a university field trip. As this trip wasn’t a holiday it was a module in which I was examined I didn’t have much time to spend on my photography but never the less here are some of my photos.

White stork


Solitary bee


Yellow Legged Gulls

White Stork

Bald Ibis

Cattle Egrets

Solitary Bee

Kentish Plover

Tenebrionidae Beetles

Tiger Beetle

Painted Lady

Sand Covered Bee

Ichneumon wasp

Solitary Bee


Captive wildlife;

Iberian Lynx (Captive)

Alaska Tundra Wolf Female

Iberian Wolf (Captive)

Iberian Wolf (Captive)



View from Ronda

View from Ronda

View from Ronda

Here is a list of the birds I encountered that I had never seen before;

Cattle egret, White stork, Bald ibis, Griffon vulture, Black kite, Kentish plover, Yellow legged gull, Bee-eater, Crested lark, Chough, Spotless starling , Sardinian warbler, Zitting cisticola, Woodchat shrike

Although the weather was dire at the beginning of the week by the end it was sunglasses weather. Thanks for reading



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