The ladybird Rhyzobius lophanthae

I went for a wonderful walk with Richard Comont (@RichardComont) and Jo Cartmell (@WaterVole) recently. We round lots of amazing species including the ladybird Rhyzobius lophanthae which had only been recorded once before in Berkshire. Richard spoke about how the ladybird seemed particularly fond on conifers so when I was next at home I decided to look in the Leylandii bush which we have in our front garden in Buckinghamshire. I found a beetle which looked very similar to the one Richard showed us so I seeked out Richard’s expert advice. He confirmed the ladybird as being Rhyzobius lophanthae, a first for Buckinghamshire!

Without Richard’s enthusiasm for recording wildlife I wouldn’t have been inspired to check the hedge, which I believed to be devoid of wildlife, to see what was in there and noone would know that the ladybird had reached Buckinghamshire. Thanks Richard!


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