1000 Species in Britain

Firstly I must apologise for the lack of blog posts lately. I am coming to the end of my degree and as you can imagine things have been rather hectic. I have broken up for easter now and although I have shed loads of revision to do, I hope to balance this with finding some wildlife. That brings me to the subject of this blog post. I keep a list of all the species that I have seen and have recently recorded my 1000th species. I would have never imagined a couple of years ago that I would ever record 1000 species in Britain and the great thing is there are many many thousands more species to find and record. All my sightings I add to iRecord where they can be verified by experts and used for a variety of purposes to track population trends and changes in distributions of species.

My 1000 species span a wide range of taxonomic groups as you can see here:

I am by no means any more than an enthusiastic amateur naturalist so I hope I can show you that anyone can record wildlife as long as they are willing to give it a go and I’m very willing to try assist people if I can. 
A great way in which you can record wildlife is in your garden. The Garden Bioblitz is running again this year on the 31st May – 1st June 2014. The idea of the bioblitz is to encourage people to find as many species of wildlife in their garden as they can during a 24 hour period and encourage them to submit their records. I will blog more about this closer to the time but as one of the organisers of the Garden Bioblitz I welcome any questions that people may have. 

Till then I wish you all a wildlife filled spring,



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