15 Wildlife Related Targets For 2015

As I did in 2014, I have decided to set myself some wildlife related aims for 2015. Some of them are rather optimistic but where there’s a will, there’s a way :). Here is to a wildlife filled year.

  1. Reach 1750 species seen in Britain
  2. Exhibit at the Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Recorders Seminar
  3. Record 1250 species in 2015
  4. Record 50 bryophyte species in Britain
  5. Submit 5000 records for species in 2015
  6. Meet lots of other naturalists
  7. Secure paid employment in the conservation sector
  8. Get my first scientific paper published
  9. Assist or run atleast one identification training course
  10. Run a local bioblitz
  11. Set up social media accounts for Local Records Centre in order to increase their reach and generate more records.
  12. Become an active member of the BSBI Members Advisory Board
  13. Post atleast 25 blog posts
  14. Lead a guided walk for the public
  15. Record some British wildlife outside England

One response to “15 Wildlife Related Targets For 2015

  1. Great list, I’m sure you will exceed it 🙂

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