Signs of Spring – Plants and Pollinators

As I write this, shivering and clenching a cup of tea after a rather wet dog walk, it cannot feel any less like spring is around the corner. However I have noticed flourishes of photos of plants and pollinators on Twitter, giving me hope that spring is nearly here. For me spring can’t come soon enough when the birds will once more be singing and the air will be thick with insects going about their busy lives. With spring will come hayfever induced sneezing fits, ironic for someone who chooses to spend his spare time in floral rich areas, looking for interesting plants and insects. Bring it on!


Although a few weeks behind in most areas, there has been some Lesser celandine (Ranunculus ficaria) reported in flower, along with the usual snowdrops

Most of you will know that I also have a huge passion for pollinators! I’m yet to see any bees, butterflies or hoverflies this year but lots of people have. 

I hope it wont be long before the sallow blossom is out and I will once again be seeing solitary bees and bumblebees. These were the first three species that I saw last year.

Anthophora plumipes

Anthophora plumipes

13720810785_fcdb26ffdb_z (2)

Bombus jonellus

13742660143_f1aa1acc40_z (1)

Andrena praecox


“One can no more approach people without love than one can approach bees without care. Such is the quality of bees…”  – Leo Tolstoy

Here is to a lovely start to spring!



3 responses to “Signs of Spring – Plants and Pollinators

  1. I can’t wait for spring to arrive! Especially for more moths to appear in my moth trap! And of course, butterflies / bees / etc. And flowers! And a touch more warmth in the air! As I write this comment, I’m sitting inside with 3 layers on!

  2. The snowdrops & crocuses are blooming, but the bumblebees still slumber under the lawn.

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