The natural world is….

It is fair to say the natural world means a lot to me!

The natural world is … my escape. Like many naturalists, I think I found something in nature that I couldn’t get from people. I have never been an outgoing person by nature which has probably held be back a fair few times. This shyness also left me vulnerable to bullying. The natural world is my release from this and the busy world of technology and rushing from A to B all the time without a care in the world. So I see the natural world as a place where I can be alone with my thoughts and recharge my batteries.

The natural world is …  the place where all my happiest memories have occurred. My family usually visit the New Forest or Devon/ Cornwall and I have many happy memories of these places which usually result in going for a paddle in the sea, whatever the weather and coming out frozen solid with sand in the most inconvenient places but not regretting it for one moment.

The natural world is …. my laboratory, where I battle to discovered and understand the complex world around me. Learning something new every day, answering one question about the complexities of the natural world and raising 10 times that many.

The natural world is… my future. I know I have the potential to make a huge difference in the natural world and inspire others to do the same. I won’t give up conserving the natural world, especially invertebrates. The small things matter more than most people care to realise.

I often wonder how I fell in love with the natural world. Was I born with it or is it something that I developed? As a child I used to run around in wellies including to my younger brothers christenings. I certainly seem quite happy to have found this leaf as a child too! img009

My parents are fairly interested in wildlife but I feel that that may be because of me and probably wasn’t why I became interested in nature. In reality I don’t think it matters why or how I became interested in nature initially. All that matters is that I am, and always will be inspired by the natural world and my dying breathes will be spent trying to conserve it.

One response to “The natural world is….

  1. Well put Ryan. If only we all realised how vital the natural world is and took a little more care of it. For those who stop for a moment and ponder, nature is its own inspiration.

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