A spring in my step…

After a really really wonderfully amazing day yesterday, I came back late last night with a smile on my face, despite a 1 hour train journey taking 4 hours and haven’t stopped smiling since. I’ve been rather upbeat today and decided to spend an hour exploring the garden.

My area of the garden is coming along well with seedlings coming upon both sides of the stepping stones and some plants in flower too.

DSC_0024 DSC_0025 DSC_0022

Some of the plants currently in flower including a  range of garden plants and wildflowers too. These wildflowers may often be seen as weeds but I think they’re beautiful in their own right and are very attractive to pollinators.


Pulmonia – favoured by the lovely hairy footed flower bees (A. plumipes)

Marsh Marigold

Marsh Marigold, also very attractive to pollinators and brightens up the pond


Primroses, beloved by bees and bee flies alike


Cowslips, like the primroses, this species is favoured by a variety of insects

Forget me knot species

Forget me knot species, rather beautiful but later in the season the seed pods may prove problematic

A garden plant which seems to bring in the bees, not a clue what species it is though

A garden plant which seems to bring in the bees, Mahonia species

Not in flower and I haven't a clue what it is but it looks promising.

Soon to be an allium flower

A daisy

A daisy, I agree with the notion that it is not spring until you can plant your foot upon twelve daisies. I may have to give that a go!


Dandelions. One of the most important plants in Britain for pollinators in my opinion

Talking of pollinators, despite a lack of sun there were hoverflies, bumblebees and solitary bees flying around the garden this afternoon. Including this lovely male solitary mining bee (Andrena species) …


He didn’t like me gently holding him in order to photograph him so proceeded to try bite me, it doesn’t hurt at all, it is more like tickling 🙂 …


This female Lasioglossum (probably Lasioglossum calceatum), was enjoying the dandelions in the garden too. Please don’t pull up your dandelions!


My bee hotels have not shown any activity just yet but form a nice point of interest in the garden and it is lovely to sit by them in the summer watching the comings and goings.


Here are some more photos from the garden recently.

Andrena fulva (tawny mining bee)

Andrena fulva (tawny mining bee), quite possibly the most vividly coloured mining bee in Britain, common in gardens but always a pleasure to see

Bee fly (Bombylius major)

Bee fly (Bombylius major), a parasite of solitary bees

Green Shieldbug in winter colours

Green Shieldbug still in his winter colours

Cherry plum

Cherry plum – it is wonderful to take a rest under this tree, shut your eyes and listen to the bees buzzing above

Cherry plum

Cherry plum

Andrena bicolor

Andrena bicolor female, again on a dandelion!

Common wasp (Vespula vulgaris)

Common wasp (Vespula vulgaris)

Spring seems to finally be here and I can’t wait. I am quite excited about what this spring and summer may bring.

5 responses to “A spring in my step…

  1. I have a new garden and this is just what I am hoping to achieve. Really enjoying yours, thanks!

  2. Brian Eversham

    A lovely update – enjoyed it. Might the yellow garden shrub be a Mahonia?

  3. Your patch looks like a little corner of bee paradise 🙂

  4. Looks like a great little wildlife spot, and just shows how much you can find if you look a little more carefully!

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