30 Days Wild: Days 1 – 11

As mentioned in my previous blogpost , June is 30 days wild month. This encourages people to get out and 30 something wild every day in June. I have found this harder to do than I expected but here are my first 11 days.

Day 1 – I went for a run through a wild area with my dog Bob, we both share a love for meadows so had great fun.




Day 2 – Sharing my love of the natural world with others as I go about my travels.



Day 3 – Make the most of the sun while volunteering and teach my fellow volunteers about bees. I showed them comfrey and the bumblebee species visiting this plant. Bumblebees leave a smell on the plant once they have fed from the plant meaning that other bumblebees don’t try visit that flower. I then found a nesting aggregation of a solitary bee Anthophora plumipes in the sand banks on site, which show ice age geology. I described the life cycle of this bee and taught them the difference between social and solitary bees. You can read more about the differences here



Day 4 – I had had a rather tiring day at work so decided to relax in the garden with a book, ice cream and chocolate.



Day 5 – Refall in love with a nature reserve that I haven’t been to in a wild. On Friday I went to Dancersend nature reserve. I really like this reserve which supports some rather lovely orchids at this time of year. However I always seem to miss them so decided this would be the year to see them!



Day 6 – Getting lost outside. On Saturday I went to Totternhoe Knolls nature reserve in Bedfordshire and drove past the reserve 3 times before I finally went up the right road. I then got rather lost on the reserve itself and didn’t see a soul for hours, bliss. I even found some fly orchids.



Day 7 – Following my favourite bee as she makes her nest. I have long loved Osmia bicolor , a species of solitary bee that nests in snail shells. However Sunday was the first time that I have seen them nesting. I decided to stop for lunch and watch two bees, one collecting pollen to stock her nest and another bringing sticks back and forth to cover her snail shell nest in a tent of sticks.



Day 8 – Appreciating wildflowers in my lunch break. I work part time as a local authority ecologist and work in a office tower block in the centre of town. While we have peregrine falcons nesting on the building, the town itself is a concrete jungle. Therefore it was nice to have a break from the computer and spend a few minutes to appreciate the plants in the town (apologies for picture quality).


09 Day 9 – Appreciating the flowers in the garden.


DSC_0131 DSC_0132 DSC_0148 DSC_0153

10Day 10 – Discover a new species in the garden. I have recently taken out a small box hedge in the garden to create more sun in the garden. I have sown some seeds / plug plants where the hedge was but it is nice to see other species turning up. Like this scarlet pimpernel.


11Day 11 – Start tackling some species groups which I haven’t really tried to work on before.


2 responses to “30 Days Wild: Days 1 – 11

  1. Excellent! Good to see Bob joining in also 🙂

  2. Some lovely photos here!

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