Mothing Madness

Day 2 of my posts for Pollinator Awareness week is about moths! Over the last two years I have been trapping moths in my small, urban garden in Buckinghamshire. It has been a learning curve in which I have identified and recorded 223 moth species in the garden including some rarities. The most common moths are detailed below:


Interestingly 79 species I have only recorded on 1 night only and only 66 species have been recorded on 5 nights or more. A lot of my moths were caught using a lampshade, bucket and normal lightbulb so there is no excuse not to get out there and enjoy some moths, they are stunning and amazing pollinators. Anyway, here are some photo highlights:

19441779035_2dc1a73e26_z (1) 19254271598_156e25d551_z 19435634952_eed4e7735c_z 18895778182_a5cb4191ee_z 18900951745_ce8dba8126_z 18280279833_e5bb706e93_z (1) 18895764882_dcc4ec9582_z 14492458797_f8de73141b_z (3) 14520981499_edda84fbb6_z 15164535975_dbd8164320_z 14584334484_6e8cb3355d_z 14676540384_ea2f425aa7_z 14675718551_138e31d205_z 14701183312_3cc1a8b2ae_z 14340613688_e39f52649e_z (1) 13532763795_5de1c87564_z (2)

6 responses to “Mothing Madness

  1. Great photos. Do you put the lamp in the bucket & the moths drop into it?

  2. Moved on from a bucket now. But when I did I put the lampshade upside down (creating a funnel) with the bulb in the middle pointing up and the moths drop into the bucket where there are egg boxes

  3. Really nice post Ryan. Your data nicely demonstrate a fact of nature that is not widely appreciated: most species are relatively rare and if you plot abundance data in the way you have (including all the singletons etc.) you end up with a very right-skewed graph

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  5. Some lovely photos here. I’d love to buy a both trap (never have the spare cash!) and do some garden moth trapping. For now, I just attend local moth trapping nights, though I do keep thinking I might just do the old white sheet on the washing line and lamp trick one night. There are some fantastic months out there when you start looking!

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