Hoverflies To Look Out For

For the penultimate day of Pollinator Awareness Week, I am going to look at some distinctive hoverflies that you can look out for. If you put your records on iRecord then they will go to the hoverfly recording scheme and help aid conservation.

Episyrphus balteatus

This is probably the most common hoverfly in Britain, once you get your eye in, you will see it everywhere! This hoverfly is also known as the marmalade hoverfly, probably due to its marmalade colour.

19410986125_3e41f7e848_z 18606527904_913475c6c0_z

Xylota sengis


Volucella bombylans

A bumblebee mimic. Note the fluffy antennae that Volucella have.


Helophilus pendulus

Also known as the footballer hoverfly. There are similar species though.


Eristalis pertinax

Note the yellow front feet


Eristalis tenax

Note the dark front feet


Eupodes luniger


Epistrophe eligans


Myathropa florea

Also known as the batman hoverfly due to the markings on the thorax


Syritta pipiens

Note the thickened hind femur (thigh)14052306018_57ea00a59d_z

Merodon equestris

A very variable species which exhibits a number of colour forms. These colour forms are being studied at the moment.

14236708082_2e7713a7e6_z (1)

Ferdinandea cuprea

A distinctive but uncommon species of woodland

14340503640_b17dd0d3cb_z (3)

Cheilosia illustrata 

A species that I have only ever seen on hogweed.

14531023081_438c8d3a67_z (1)

Chrysotoxum bicinctum


Chrysotoxum festivum


Sericomya silentis

Also known as the bog hoverfly

9733976732_a9dc95da2d_z (2)

6 responses to “Hoverflies To Look Out For

  1. Pretty little things 🙂

  2. Excellent selection and photos, I love hoverflies and over the past year have started identifying the ones I see, so many different types!


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  4. Finally I have a few days off from Wildplay work and time to do some blog reading! This will be so useful next time I have some hoverflies to ID! I still have a few I haven’t identified from when I was camping in the Yorkshire Dales!

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