Pollinator Awareness Week – A Summary

Well Pollinator Awareness Week has now been and gone, and I have to say I have rather enjoyed it and it has given me food for thought. It has also highlighted to me why I love pollinating insects so much and must make an effort to catch up with the vast amount of research published since I did my undergraduate dissertation (which as I understand it, is still likely to be published). Hopefully my posts have inspired some other people to love pollinators too and given you starting points to help identify the main groups of pollinators in Britain including bees, hoverflies and moths. I have also spoken about two areas which interest me including moths in my gardenorchid pollination and a particular area of interest – urban pollinators. Thank you all for reading my blog posts last week, I received 890 visitors to my website, totaling over 1500 page views. That is flabbergasting. Hopefully some of those people will follow my blog in the future and follow me on my journey into paid conservation work, promoting and conserving British Wildlife.

All the best,




7 responses to “Pollinator Awareness Week – A Summary

  1. They have been educational, inspirational and enjoyable. Thank you.

  2. Well done Ryan. Have you had any further thoughts about pursuing a MSc course?

    • Thank you Simon, still not sure to be honest. As you have probably been noticing, I am making minor progress without one (not very happy with my progress mind!). So not sure if it is right for me at all, and if so the only one really jumping out at me is the Reading, Species ID and Survey Skills one. I am sure your course is great though.

  3. I’ve enjoyed reading your PAW posts! Very educational and wonderful photographs as well. Wishing you lots of luck for the future with getting into paid conservation work – something I too am struggling to find.

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