The Start of Something New

This Wednesday I had a phone call that made me beam from ear to ear. The week before I had gone to Peterborough for an interview with Buglife and Natural England. They had loads of applications and I was honoured to even get an interview. However, on Wednesday they offered me the position!

The position is a Natural Talent traineeship organised by TCV. I will be working in Peterborough with Natural England and Buglife on all things invertebrate. I will be mentored by Jon Webb from Natural England and Sarah Henshall from Buglife, two wonderful and passionate invertebrate experts. I really can’t wait and remember reading this quote a while ago and wanting to get involved with the scheme. Bring on the invertebrates!

Natural Talent UK is effective in supporting exceptional individuals who go on to make a fundamental difference to our understanding of the natural world, and can effectively communicate the importance of nature to society.  Dr Chris Ellis, RBGE


Invert ppt.jpg


18 responses to “The Start of Something New

  1. Well done Ryan – so very pleased for you and so well deserved.

  2. Congratulations Ryan, very pleased for you, and good luck in all you do in speaking up for inverts!

  3. Congratulations Ryan, I am very certain you are just the right person for this exciting post.

  4. Hi Ryan that is brilliant news, what a fabulous Christmas present. Keep in touch Gill

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  5. Fantastic. And that quote describing the internship is YOU. ALL. OVER. Good luck!

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  7. Congratulations -looks like a perfect position for you! I saw this come up on conservationjobs and was tempted to apply myself but I’ve decided to put my efforts in to applying for a master’s and improving my general wildlife conservation knowledge instead. Anyway, this is a really exciting opportunity and I enviously look forward to reading all about your invert adventures 🙂

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