BSBI New Year Plant Hunt 2016

As Christmas and the New Year gets closer, so does the BSBI New Year Plant Hunt! I took over coordination of this project last year and look forward to leading on it again this year.

The New Year Plant Hunt started in 2012 and is an annual event organised by the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland. The aim is to go out and record as many plants in flower as you can in a 3 hour period in the first few days of the New Year. Last year was a great success with hundreds of people across Britain and Ireland taking part, generating almost 3000 records of over 368 species.


It is a really nice event to kick off the year and I would encourage you all to take part this year for up to 3 hours between the 1st and 4th January. Here is how to take part:

  1. Pick one day over the New Year weekend between Friday 1st and Monday 4th January 2016, when the weather is decent enough to record in.
  2. Record wild and naturalised plants (but not planted or garden species) in flower. Please check plants are actually flowering – that catkins are open, that grasses have open florets, stigmas or anthers on show etc.
  3. Record for up to 3 hours (you can “stop the clock” for tea-breaks and comfort stops!)
  4. Send details of what you saw with photos if possible please to myself and Louise Marsh (BSBI Publicity Officer). Please tell us which species you recorded (we can help with identification if you are stuck!), what your name is, and where and when you saw the plants in flower.We are in the process of designing a form to make this process as easy as possible so keep a look out for that on our webpage!

You can contribute as many different lists as you like from different areas as long as you don’t exceed the 3 hour limit for each new list.

You can find out more on our webpage and on the BSBI News & Views blog – please do get in touch with us by the means below if you have any questions.



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