A Reflection on 2015

Sometimes I’m not the most optimistic person in the world so my aim of this post is to round up some of my achievements this year, mainly so I can prove to myself that I have achieved something. I also want to set some targets for next year and talk about some of the things I am looking forward to. So in no particular order, here are some of my achievements of 2015…

Paid / Voluntary Work

  • I volunteered for most of the year, one day a week for the Vale Countryside Volunteers . We created / managed everything from biodiverse ponds, grasslands and woodlands, to otter holts.
  • I carried out a season of reptile and amphibian surveys for an ecological consultancy and collected in some of their insect samples too. I really enjoyed getting paid for being outside.
  • I made a valuable contribution to the work of my local records centre / county council ecology service through c60 hours of voluntary work with them
  • I wrote a piece on solitary bees which will be published in ‘Spring’, a book by the Wildlife Trusts which comes out in February
  • I was commissioned to write a introduction to solitary bees for the Wildlife Trusts
  • I led on the creation of a bee hotel in York, which attracted media attention
  • I have been an active member of BSBI’s meetings and communications committee
  • I worked a lot part time for the Buckinghamshire County Council as an ecologist, working on planning applications and a number of my own projects including; assessing the feasibility of pollinator networks, record extraction from ecology reports and redesigning the ecology pages of the County Council’s website. I will be leaving this position at the end on January to move onto other things…
  • At the end of January I will be starting a traineeship with Buglife and Natural England!

13532763795_5de1c87564_z (2)


Biological Recording

  • I carried out a full season of butterfly transects on two sites, Grangelands and The Rifle Range, for the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust
  • I carried out baseline surveys for a charity who are trying to create a wildflower meadow on an old allotment site
  • I recorded lots of species in Norfolk which were new to me.
  • I submitted over 3000 records over 100 species. It is interesting to analyse the groups that I have submitted records for through the years


Other Achievements

  • I passed my driving test on my first attempt, giving myself some independence
  • Meeting lots of wonderful naturalists, some of which are great friends now
  • I went wild swimming in the middle of London!
  • I have posted loads of blog posts this year, including guest blogging for lots of other people!
  • I have been on lots of training courses, for all sorts of taxonomic groups
  • I will hopefully soon be a Graduate member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management
  • I did something wild every day for 30 days for the ’30 days wild’ challenge
  • One of my photos was highly commended in the British Ecological Society’s Photographic Competition


What Will 2016 Bring?

  • 2016 will kick off with a bang during the New Year Plant Hunt
  • Starting my new traineeship with Buglife and Natural England , the first week is in Scotland and that will be awesome
  • Continuing to contribute to BSBI’s work through the Meetings and Communications Committee
  • More work with the Wildlife Trusts to finish my work on bees
  • Going to the Birders Against Wildlife Crime conference
  • Recording lots of species and developing a specialism in entomology while still being able to identify lots of other taxa
  • Taking on a role as fact sheet editor for the Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Society


Targets for 2016

  • Get my first scientific paper published
  • Submit over 4000 biological records in 2016 of 1500 species
  • Reach 2000 species recorded in Britain
  • Do some proper wild swimming, maybe even some skinny dipping haha
  • Keep a wildlife journal for the whole year
  • Post at least 40 blog posts
  • Post some more poetic posts trying to put into words my experiences with the natural world, such as this one, this one and the one on bees which will be published in a book next year
  • Do more to support A Focus on Nature
  • Learn how to card beetles

Any more suggested targets would be welcomed

Thank you all for following my journey this year, I look forward to sharing my journey with you all in 2016



6 responses to “A Reflection on 2015

  1. galadrielcrystal

    That’s absolutely wonderful Ryan!
    What a fantastic year you’ve had!

    Much love x x x

  2. Superb year! and wonderful to see it summarised so powerfully – you’re inspiring huge numbers of other people, which is the over-arching major achievement which is unsaid in your blog. Well done!

  3. You’ve completed more achievements in a year than some people manage in a lifetime Ryan

  4. Well done, a great year for you!

  5. Keep up the good work Ryan and I’m particularly pleased to hear of your traineeship with Buglife.

  6. Let me know where you are skinny-dipping so I can avoid that area ;0)

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