Spring Has Sprung (Finally)

Spring finally seems to have sprung and the air is once again full of insects and the sound of bird song which always seems to feed my soul. Spring is my favourite season and never seems to come around fast enough. The spring bees are all out now and lots are easy to identify. Seeing these species for the first, or the hundredth time, fills me with joy and brightens up my day after the winter, which can often be a harsh and gloomy. I have been out doing lots of fieldwork recently, both for my traineeship and for fun. My girlfriend Sophie came down for the weekend just gone which was unbelievably amazing. I have never ever had such fun out in the field with another young person, looking for insects and fossils. Soph even found some species that I had never seen before and I sure that she won’t let me forget that 🙂 . My task for the evenings this week is to identify all the cool things we found. I will be writing another blog post soon about my traineeship so look out for that, but until then here are some of my photo highlights from the last few weeks.

Untitled Untitled

Untitled Untitled

Untitled Untitled

My real highlight was spending time with this one though 🙂

The days are getting longer and this always puts a smile on my face. It will soon be time for barefoot rambles in the meadows. My challenge for you all is to kick your shoes and socks off for a short period of time this spring, connect with the earth and feel revitalised as I do. I did it for the first time today in fact and it was great.


at the end of the day


I am also presenting a poster at this weekend’s BMERC Recorders Seminar, so I hope to catch up with some of you then.

2 responses to “Spring Has Sprung (Finally)

  1. Spring is my favourite time too. Glad to see you happy and enjoying it :0)

  2. Challenge accepted 😉 hehe!

    Glad you enjoyed the weekend, you took some beautiful photos!

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