The Beginning of the End

At the end of January I started a position which would change my life in more ways than I imagined, a role that has given me more confidence in my abilities and myself. A position that I didn’t think I was good enough for but applied on a whim and was chosen out of hundreds of applicants. This coming Monday I am going to the Natural History Museum in Oxford to check / identify my final specimens from Blenheim Palace and Woodwalton Fen. After this I will be spending most of my time writing everything up and aiming to get my Blenheim Palace survey work published in a journal. I only have a few months left of my traineeship and am now looking for new opportunities, I am very thankful for all that TCV, Natural England and Buglife have done for me, and Esmee Fairbairn for funding my internship. I have learnt an incredible amount about myself, invertebrates and people too. The work I have done will influence management of two nationally (if not internationally) important sites and that has been a real motivator for me. This last year or so hasn’t been easy, but it has been rewarding. I hope to keep blogging in the next few months with my progress. I will leave you with some lovely dead wood associated beetles from Blenheim Palace 🙂




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