Wildlife Photography

I love nothing more than being outside exploring, I see my photography as an extension of my deep passion for the natural world, unlocking its secrets and sharing the stories it has to tell.

I aim to show that you don’t have to travel abroad to see stunning and interesting wildlife and beautiful picturesque landscapes when we have amazing wildlife here in Britain.

When I was younger used to wander around our small garden finding insects to photograph with my small compact camera. I brought my first DSLR camera in 2010, since then I have worked on my technique through experimentation and my fieldcraft in order to get better photos of the wildlife around me. I photograph a wide variety of subjects from small yet fascinating insects up to large majestic mammals. I don’t just photograph animals, I photograph plants and fungi as well depending on the season. This is one of the things I love about photographing wildlife, every day is different and each season brings completely different things to photograph.

I strongly believe that photographing the natural world can not only make huge contributions to recording the wildlife around us but also to inspire others to help conserve the precious yet overlooked species that surround us.

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Features and Recognition



  • Fullscreen capture 29082013 193429.bmpOne of my photos was chosen to be shown on the BBC Nature Woodland Trust Competition gallery. Only 10 photos are shown there out of 10000 that were entered into the competition.
  • One of my photos was in the top 50 images from the Mammal Societies photographic competition so was featured in their exhibition
  • One of my photos was shortlisted in the Flight category of the Berkshire Ornithological Club’s annual photographic competition
  • Winner of the British Mammal Category of the Berkshire Mammal Group photographic competition
  • One of my Waxwing photos was featured in a gallery on the Guardian Website
  • One of my Robin photos was featured in the ‘Your Photos’ section of the BBC Nature Website


  • Winner of the Princes Risborough Photographic Society 16-18 year old category
  • My photos have been used for a few presentations for the RSPB North Bucks Local group
  • I am working with the Chilterns National Trust in order to photograph the wildlife on their reserves, especially Butterflies. Here is a blog post from them about it
  • Some of my images have been used on a blog post for PlantAMeadow which aims to increase wild flower meadows in gardens and public spaces across the UK


  • I won the Buckinghamshire parks biodiversity photographic competition in 2011
  • My photos have been published as ‘photo of the week in the local newspaper’
  • I was featured in the ‘Best Of Bucks’ photo exhibition in 2011

2 responses to “Wildlife Photography

  1. Great photos.Where did you photograph the red squirrels?

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